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This unique tool enables you to tie the hanger wires to the bar joist at the same time and with the same scaffolding height used for hanging grid.  Cut a handle of ½” conduit to desired length…slip the Wire Twister on, then drill and fasten it with a pop rivet.  Bend the other end into a crank handle (see sketch).  To use the Wire Twister, bend the wire (as shown in fig. 1) and hook it over the bar joist.  Then insert both ends of the wire into the large opening of the Wire Twister and turn the crank (fig. 2).  The wire will twist tightly.  Alternate direction of the Wire Twister to release it (fig. 3).


Almost every shadow-line ceiling job requires field cutting a rabbet in the tile to fit at the perimeter, around light fixtures and around columns.  This hardwood Shadow-Line Cutter uses standard knife blades.  Two quick passes along the edge; one with the guide on the edge of the tile and blade cutting the face, the other with the guide on the face and the blade cutting the edge, makes a clean rabbet cut.  Five extra blades are furnished with each knife.


For use with the 9/16” Low-Profile grid systems.  The adapa Low-Profile Shadow-line Cutter was designed for the same two-pass cutting simplicity for your field rabbeted edges.  Double-sided so no adjustments are needed, just a pass with each side gives the correct edge.  Five extra blades are furnished with each knife.

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