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Door Carts

This specially designed 36 lb. cart makes handling of heavy 1 ¾” solid-core doors easy for one man.  The Door Cart in the horizontal position makes a stable work platform to allow mounting of hardware.  One man can then transport the door to installation site and easily hang the door.  For easy storage, the telescoping Door Cart makes transportation to the job site a breeze.


The Panel Skate is adapa’s handy panel moving mini dolly.  Compact and light in weight, the skate can be stored in a toolbox or behind the seat of your truck, making it easy to bring to a jobsite.  The “V” channel holds and centers panels and with the wheels set below the top edge, any variety of objects can be moved.

Weight: 5 lbs.
Load capacity: 500 lbs.
L 12”, W 6 ¾”, H 4 ½”
V Channel carrying capacity: 3”
4” polyolefin wheels

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