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The gateway for unloading drywall.

When delivering drywall through an on-site opening, you and your employees can be exposed to a potential work related hazard of leaning out of an opening to reach for sheets of drywall, a concern to both you and OSHA.

DrywallGate is an easy to install device to assist in the unloading of drywall goods with out tethering.  It takes the success of the Window Clamp and incorporates a one way barrier gate at 42”.  This allows drywall goods to glide into a structures opening while providing the worker protection from a misstep next to an opening when reaching for the next sheet of drywall.  The easy to carry DrywallGate, when correctly installed, forms a strong connection to wall and floor with either screws or nails.  In conjunction with the adjustable height settings of the Window Glide, the job of unloading rock just got better.