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The original drywall carts built to real world standards.  Built tough by people who know the daily requirements of tradesmen who must use these carts every day.

Built with the same material and standards as our regular drywall carts, but as the name implies, it’s a bigger size and has a bigger capacity. 

When you need to move a lot of drywall sheets in a little space, you need adapa’s Residential Cart.  Our UHMW plastic deck plate lets you load the sheets effortlessly.

Adapa’s All Terrain Cart allows you to safely move rock on a stable platform over uneven lawns or terrain, so you can move the rock to the spot.

The Door Cart makes handling of heavy 1 ¾” solid-core doors easy for one man. In the horizontal position makes a stable work platform to allow mounting of hardware.

These fast-loading and easy-dumping carts are designed for quick, efficient handling of trash.  They’re all built to take it with 16-gauge welded steel bodies.

The Tilt Cart is an ingenious device for transporting materials in areas where an elevator must be used and will handle up to 48” x 96” materials on the 84” platform.

This versatile, four-wheeled Flat Cart can be a valuable piece of equipment to any field of construction. It moves unhindered over and around objects on the floor. 

The adapa Tree Cart is a great way to move construction materials of all kinds.  Keeps floors uncluttered in compliance with the safety codes.  

Designed to make stocking easier, and prevent damage, it is easily attached to and removed from the framing surrounding the window without the need of any tools.

Move drywall through an opening, porch or even better, a porch with steps.  Provide a secure base for delivery of material through the window.

The Drywall Gate assists in the unloading of drywall goods without tethering, providing protection when reaching for the next sheet of drywall.  

Unique tools for hanging grids and rabbeted edges: the Wire Twister, the Shadow-Line Cutter, and the Low-Profile Shadow-Line Cutter.

Adapa uses a caster that was designed specifically for the drywall industry. Phenolic or Mold-On Rubber with Swivel Lock and Brake options.

Terms and Conditions

100% refund granted for products returned in resalable condition 30 days from delivery date.

Please return packed in the same way they were received.  Call for return authorization, and freight must be prepaid.

With approved credit – Net cash in 30 days from date of invoice.

One-year parts and labor on manufacturer defects, excluding casters.


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