Welcome to the world of adapa commercial products.

These are just a few of the things we do at adapa that make our products better.  First, we use only powdered paints, applied electrostatically.  Powder bonds better to metal and flows out creating a smoother surface.  And powdered paints don’t use solvent, making powder more environmentally friendly than conventionally applied paint.

Second, our casters are better.  We use casters that rate higher than specs require.  Our wheels use a rounded Performa tread which provides a soft ride yet is resistant to flat spots.  Our carts, dollies and trucks roll more smoothly, longer and are more durable, even under heavier commercial loads.

Third, our welds are better.  We don’t just cold weld seams, we burn a bead along the entire joint.  Our welds stay put so our products can withstand the harsh treatment of a working environment.

Finally, we use fully integrated steel bodies.  The benefits are obvious.  Our products don’t lose their shape.  They carry heavier loads more worry-free.

These are just a few of the adapa “proofs of quality.”  We think you’ll be pleased when you choose adapa dollies and carts.

Terms and Conditions

100% refund granted for products returned in resalable condition 30 days from delivery date.

Please return packed in the same way they were received.  Call for return authorization, and freight must be prepaid.

With approved credit – Net cash in 30 days from date of invoice.

One-year parts and labor on manufacturer defects, excluding casters.


IT’S EASY: You can order by phone, fax, mail, or email.
WE ACCEPT:  VISA, MasterCard and Personal or Company checks.